Diaspora237 is a collective, born under the impulse of a call for project from the Minrex. Our ambition is to promote projects with high added value in Cameroon, drawing on the expertise of our diaspora resources.

40 Projects

Since we started, more than 40 projects have been analyzed. The collective intends to report to FODIAS in Yaoundé in June, with a portfolio of more than 30 feasible projects, to implement with the know-how of local subcontractors.

10 countries

High-performance management tools allow us to drive the collaboration of project sponsors living in more than 10 countries in Europe, in America and in Africa.

130 members

Diaspora237 currently has about 130 members with diverse backgrounds, training and experiences. All Cameroonians, from the 4 corners of the country. It is from this diversity that the collective draws its strength from propositions and its genius.

Permanent Secretariat

The Permanent Secretary, SP, manages the strategic policy of Diaspora237 and ensures its representativeness with the authorities and other entities outside the forum. With the DDP Project Direction, they are the entry points for projects submitted to the Diaspora237.


The role of the directions in the Diaspora237 structure is to manage and coordinate the action of the commissions.


Commissions are the operational leverage between members. They act as a focal point for synergies and work to solve the complexity of the project's business processes.

We build the new African management paradigm

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We use educational research principle of organization and process.
Our best experts are co-working for the best result.
The synergistic effect of our decisions is achieved through a well-established pattern of interaction.